Volunteer puppeteers and giant pushers wanted!

Would you like to push a giant around Mossley for the evening? You don’t get to do that every day do you?!
Global Grooves is seeking volunteer puppeteers to help facilitate this year’s Mossley Light Festival Parade.

Become part of the Global Grooves’ Carnival collective and help us to bring love and light to the hills of Mossley. No giant pushing or puppeteering experience necessary.

This year’s theme is ‘A Tale of Two Giants’.

Two great hills stand at the entrance to the Upper Tame Valley, Alphin Pike and Alderman’s Hill. These were said to be the homes of two giants, Alphin and Alder who initially were on good terms. However, both fell in love with Rimmon, a water nymph from the bubbling waters of Chew Brook in the valley below. Rimmon fell in love with Alphin, which enraged Alder and the two giants fought by casting boulders at each other, until Alphin was struck and killed. Rimmon cast herself from an outcrop in grief and joined Alphin in death….

What’s involved?

We are busy building Alphin, Alder and Ramon at our Carnival studio at the vale. Once these are complete puppeteers and Giant crew will be invited to visit our giants and learn about how these amazing 4.5 meters illuminated structures are controlled. A short practice run will be arranged and then puppeteers will be needed to help rig, control and de-rig the puppets at Mossley Light Festival on the 25th November 2017.

Provisional event times are 15:00 – 20:30 on Sat 25th November.

In brief

What: Giant pushers introduction and practice run.
When: TBC
Where: The Vale, Unit 2 Vale Mill, Micklehurst Road, Mossley, OL5 9JL

What: Puppeteering and Giant pushing at Mossley Light Festival
When: 25th November 2017 – Provisional times 15:00 – 20:30
Where: Meeting at Emmaus Mossley finishing at Mossley Market Ground.

Light refreshments will be provided on training and event days.
Travel will be reimbursed if applicable.

To get involved and register for our volunteer puppeteers and giant pusher opportunities for this year’s Mossley Light Festival please fill in the form below. 1st deadline for registrations is 17:00 on Fri 20th October 2017