Why support Mossley Light Festival?

“I’ve seen a street I’ve known most of my life suddenly burst into life” – 2016 participant

In 2016 almost 40% of Mossley’s residents were involved in some way; walking with children, watching the parade, making lanterns, attending master classes, performing or volunteering.

You told us that:

  • You wanted it to happen each year
  • Your spirits were lifted by the festival
  • The festival made you feel proud of your town
  • You wanted to be more involved in more ways next time.

Let’s show that even when public spending is being cut, Mossley can pull together and build strong foundations for a festival for everyone, for years to come.


Mossley is a beautiful town with a lively community spirit, a strong heritage, and great
transport links. Cultural events such as Mossley Light Festival will build the reputation of the town and make Mossley stand out for the unique place it is. Arts and cultural events are an important part of shaping a town’s identity, a way of showing what we value, and what we aspire to be. Although culture is generally under-rated as part of making a place unique and building a reputation, it is as fundamental as business, jobs, and education. Cultural events such as Mossley Light Festival will promote the town as an exciting place to work and live, promote a sense of well-being, strengthen community bonds and encourage visitors. 


Outdoor cultural events — and particularly established Carnival events — bring money into the area they are situated. When towns put cultural events at the heart of their unique identity the local economy benefits.  It might take time for Mossley Light Festival to become an established unique visitor attraction but  in 2016 visitor numbers increased and some businesses reported a 100% increase in turnover. Mossley Light Festival will bring money into the local economy and support our town and community through tourism and regeneration.