Mossley Light Festival For Schools

“Seeing the kids faces enjoying such a fantastic event was tremendous” – 2016 participant

For the first Mossley Light Festival 250 children from every local primary school walked proudly with their lanterns in
the festival parade in 2016. For 2017 we invite your school to create a unique parade submission for Mossley light festival.

Choices include:

  • Exciting themed lantern making sessions or Carnival music and dance.
  • Produce your own school project to submit into the parade.
  • Perform on our community stage.
  • Workshops tailored to any age group that link with key National Curriculum themes and Key Stages.

We are inviting schools to help make the festival sustainable and become part of the social fabric of Mossley. We are asking schools, community donors and businesses to fundraise and contribute to our education programme.

Your contribution will enable free and subsidised access to high quality arts and cultural experiences for our next generation.
The festival will needs money, energy, and skills; whatever you can contribute will be used for maximum  impact.

By 2019, school budgets will decrease in Mossley by over £995,000 (Department for Education data), by investing into the
festival we have the opportunity to bridge some of the gap in education funding while supporting our local community.
Future generations will find happiness and gain transferrable skills for years to come with your help to build this fantastic annual event.