Mossley Light Festival For Artists


Mossley Light Festival provides a platform for local artists to bring their work to new audiences and environments.

In 2016 we supported over 20 artists providing time, space, resources and employment over a four month programme of artistic development work.  We are proud to note that all of our creative work in the parade and the many public installations consisted of entirely new work. This included 10 new artists commissions, pairing artists with schools and community groups, and free training and development for those wanting to understand more about industry specific areas such as arts infrastructure and fundraising.

Our 2016 team consisted of local, national and international artists from Mossley to China. We are incredibly proud of the amazing work they produced and invite you to watch our short documentary below and visit our 2016 gallery to see some of their magical creations. 

We want to continue to support artists and creative industries in the future and keep raising the bar for the quality of our work submitted into the parade and installations. This can only be achieved if we can gain enough support from our local community so that Mossley Light Festival can continue. To find out how you can support us click here.