Northern Lights Exhibition

As part of Mossley Light Festival 2016 we were proud to celebrate the work of Mossley based artists Chris Cyprus and his Northern Lights Series. The work is till showcased at Mossley and Stalybridge Railway Stations.

These novel exhibition spaces are a natural home for Chris’s series, which depicts local night-time scenes along the Northern Rail network.

cyrus“This is a great community project, which we are really pleased to be a part of. Stations can be fairly drab environments and have so much more to offer than just being places where trains stop, so we are delighted to have an opportunity inject some creativity into them. I’d encourage people to support the festival in its first year and hope they enjoy the installations. Whether you’re a rail passenger, local resident, or art follower, the exhibition at Mossley station will certainly be an illuminating and memorable experience!”

Matthew Worman, Stakeholder Manager – Northern


The Northern Lights Exhibition is produced by Global Grooves & Bangdrum CIC and curated by James Walmsley.


About the Northern Light Series

A series of paintings that spans just over a decade. In the winter of 2005, Chris took some photos whilst out getting inspiration for another project, and as the street lights flicked on and the kitchen windows were illuminated, the scene was instantly transformed! The sky turned a vivid dark blue and wet roads reflected orange and purple. What was a normal grey afternoon turned into magic for just a brief moment until it was night. Now Chris is reaching 200 paintings in the series and continues to capture the everyday scenes before the sodium streetlights are all replaced by white L.E.D. bulbs – a government initiative that was proposed to finish by 2017.

Chris connects with the beauty in everyday Northern life and brings magic and illumination to what others may see as ordinary or mundane.

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