Mossley Light Festival For Community

“It was magic to see so many different groups involved, everyone was part of it” – 2016 participant

In 2016, we worked with over 14 community group partners that helped to host art, music, and dance sessions for the local community and their membership/participants. This helped the festival to reach a diverse cross-section of our local community including Scouts and Brownie groups to care homes, community centres, gardening projects, local families and artists.

Our whole community put their energy behind the festival forging new friendships, exploring new skills and working together to create a new and exciting event for us all to share.

We encourage community groups and local projects to join us in the creation of this year’s festival.

You can get involved with;

  • the planning and preparation of the festival.
  • skilling up your team and participants to become events managers or arts practitioners.
  • workshops with internationally acclaimed local artists to help create your parade submission.
  • perhaps working independently to develop a piece of your own.

We want to build sustainability into the festival in the future by inviting groups, community donors and businesses to help fundraise and contribute to our community outreach programme. Your contribution will enable free and subsidised access to high quality arts and cultural experiences for our entire town.