25th November | 4pm – 7:30pm | Mossley Market Ground

See what we got up to last year at the video below

Bringing light to the heart of the community

‘Amazing Mossley lantern light up! Never seen anything like it in my life! Nice to be involved!’ Thank you!’ - Local resident.

Mossley Light Festival  is part of Mossley’s seasonal ‘lights switch on’ each November. The festival launched in 2016 when months of participatory events involving schools, community groups, artists and businesses culminated in a free festival for all.

In its first year thousands of people joined together to fill the streets, celebrate Mossley’s creativity, and share its infectious community spirit. The high quality content amazed visitors, impressed residents, and inspired children who wanted to do it all again.

Our festival is created by the wonderful communities in Mossley. It’s a fantastic opportunity for groups and businesses to work together to put Mossley on the map as a visitor destination.


Get involved with this years festival!

For artists

Mossley Light Festival For Artists   Mossley Light Festival provides a platform for local artists to bring their work to new audiences and environments. In 2016 we supported over 20 artists providing time, space, resources and employment over a four month...
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For business

Mossley Light Festival For Business "We are delighted to be involved with this unique event and I’m personally thrilled that [our] station has been selected as one of the exhibition locations" - Billy Vickers, TPE Station Manager Our festival is for everyone and we...
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MLF 2017

25th November | 4pm - 7:30pm | Mossley Market Ground This years celebration will be even bigger, brighter and bolder than ever with something for everyone to enjoy. From incredible street theatre to food and drink, Christmas craft markets o our famous parade.  Get out...
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Celebrate Festival

Bring along your friends and family to experience top-notch performances, chances to make things, a spectacular Carnival finale, sporty fun and games, food and even a few surprises…We’re celebrating the amazingly talented artists of Mossley and beyond as we invite our...
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Facts and Figures

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How to support MLF

How To Support Mossley Light Festival "This festival of light is excellent for community spirit and promoting Mossley where I grew up – brilliant." - Local resident In 2016, Mossley Light Festival was heavily subsidised by funds raised by The Vale, Mossley Town...
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For schools

Mossley Light Festival For Schools "Seeing the kids faces enjoying such a fantastic event was tremendous" - 2016 participant For the first Mossley Light Festival 250 children from every local primary school walked proudly with their lanterns in the festival parade in...
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For community

Mossley Light Festival For Community "It was magic to see so many different groups involved, everyone was part of it" - 2016 participant In 2016 we worked with over 14 community group partners  to host art, music, and dance sessions for the local community and their...
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How to support us

Why support Mossley Light Festival? “I’ve seen a street I’ve known most of my life suddenly burst into life” – 2016 participant COMMUNITY In 2016 almost 40% of Mossley’s residents were involved in some way; walking with children, watching the parade, making lanterns,...
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